B.S. Psychology

A degree in psychology provides graduates with many career options and preparation for graduate school. Some employment opportunities are available immediately after graduation, including jobs in social service.  A graduate degree provides a path for many mental health careers including licensed professional counselor, play therapist, industrial psychologist, and clinical psychologist. 

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the work, psychology students will be held to the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior. Behavior that fails to comply with these high standards will require the student to withdraw from the program. Students seeking admission must meet the following admission requirements. 

Admission requirements to Southwestern Adventist University’s Psychology program:

1. Completion of at least 30 credit hours including but not limited to PSYC 212 - General Psychology, PSYC 220 - Human Growth and Development, ENGL 121 - Freshman Composition, and ENGL 220- Research and Professional Writing.

2. Have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher.

3. Have a C or higher in the following courses: ENGL 121 - Freshman Composition, ENGL 220 – Research and Professional Writing, PSYC 212 – General Psychology, and PSYC 220 – Human Growth and Development.

4. Attend a face-to-face interview with program faculty. Interviews will take place Spring semester of Sophomore year.

5. Provide a writing sample that shows reading comprehension, critical thinking, and understanding of APA style guidelines.

Application Process

All applicants must complete the following:

1. Submit an essay of at least one page that describes reasons for wanting to pursue a career in mental health, your interests in the field, and how the student is qualified to be accepted into the program. In addition, students will submit a peer-reviewed academic article review related to their future population or field of interest within mental health.

2. Submit two letters of recommendation (no relatives or Education & Psychology faculty).

3. Interview with the department faculty.

All documents must be provided to the department secretary before students are eligible to interview.

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