Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. / B.S.

A student who has a specific career goal not included in the majors and minors offered by Southwestern may choose two or more areas of emphasis to create an Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's degree. In consultation with the Records Office, an academic advisor and chair from the sponsoring department(s) will prepare a graduation plan. This degree plan provides greater flexibility for students in the choice of coursework or emphases.

Possible career paths and emphasis combinations include:

  • Bioinformatics (Biology and Computer Science)
  • Entrepreneurial studies (Business and Communication)
  • Health insurance adjustors (Business and Nursing)
  • Paralegal studies (History and English / Communication)
  • ESL instruction for international teaching (English and Education)

Graduate School preparation, such as:

  • Art therapy (Art and Psychology)
  • ESL instruction for higher education (English and Education)
  • Global development (Business and Environmental Biology)
  • History consultant (Communication / Film Studies and History)
  • Pre-law (History / Political Science and Communication)
  • Orthotics and prosthetics (Kinesiology and Biology)

Specific requirements:

1) Student will be assigned an academic advisor by the Records Office. Student and advisor will complete a plan for graduation.

2) Student will select two (or more) areas of emphasis, each area to include 24 credit hours (9 upper division) to be determined by the sponsoring department(s). Emphasis areas will be identified on the student's transcript and diploma.

3) Bachelor's degree candidates will meet all University graduation requirements. In addition, all bachelor's degree candidates will complete the Interdisciplinary Studies introductory course, UNIV 220 (2 credit hours), and the Capstone seminar course, UNIV 420 (1 credit hour).

4) BA graduates will meet the University's foreign language requirement, but are not required to declare a minor.

5) After earning a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a student may return to earn a second bachelor's degree. An area of emphasis may only be used as a major in the second degree if there are 30 additional hours available in the major.

Total credits:





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