General and Interdisciplinary Studies


Alison Hill, General and Interdisciplinary Studies Program Director


Descriptions of the Programs

Southwestern's General and Interdisciplinary Studies programs provide flexible, multidisciplinary curricula that challenge students to achieve proficiency in several subjects rather than focusing on one major area of study. The General and Interdisciplinary Studies curricula are geared to prepare students for a lifetime of evolving opportunities aligned with their career aspirations.

These programs are designed for students who:

  • Aspire to earn an interdisciplinary college degree that integrates two or more areas of emphasis.
  • Wish to attend Southwestern yet aspire to a career for which Southwestern does not offer a major, or that overlaps multiple existing majors.
  • Choose to attend Southwestern, but whose career goals require a general associate's or bachelor's degree rather than a specific major.
  • Encounter a significant hurdle(s) in a specific major, yet wish to complete a degree.
  • Desire to apply credits earned as part of an AAS degree toward a bachelor's degree.

UNIV 220 : Introduction to General and Interdisciplinary Studies

This course introduces General and Interdisciplinary Studies students to a broad set of skills and resources that can be utilized in pursuing specific academic and career goals. It also provides the foundation for creating a successful academic plan within the Interdisciplinary Studies program.



UNIV 420 : Capstone Seminar

This course fulfills the requirement for a capstone/portfolio completion course in the student's area(s) of emphasis.