Academic progress will be reviewed at the end of each fall, spring, and summer term. When a student fails to meet the GPA and/or completion percentage standards they will be given a warning semester during which they are asked to complete a Satisfactory Academic Progress Agreement wherein they meet with their advisor three times over the semester. If the student is not making satisfactory academic progress at the end of the warning semester, the student will become ineligible for federal or state aid. To receive financial aid at this stage, the student must submit an appeal based on extenuating circumstances documenting the reason the student failed to make SAP. The appeal and documentation will be reviewed by the Student Finance Committee for approval. A student who does not meet the prescribed academic plan in subsequent semesters, will be ineligible for further federal and state aid and may not receive federal student aid until SAP standards are met. Students who exceed the number of years for completion of a degree must complete a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form to be reviewed by the Student Finance Committee. A hold is placed on the student's federal and state aid until the SAP agreement has been signed, or an appeal has been approved. Appeals may be made for the following reasons: 1) The student has experienced illness; 2) The death of a relative; 3) The student has a degree plan change; 4) The student, out of financial necessity, carried an extremely heavy workload over an extended period of time; 5) Upon recommendation of the Vice President for Academic Administration; 6) At the discretion of the Assistant Financial Vice President for Student Finance.