Southwestern's satisfactory progress policy for undergraduate students contains a qualitative component which requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the end of each semester for undergraduate work. The quantitative satisfactory progress policy requires completion of a specified percentage of the coursework attempted as well as a maximum number of credits that may be attempted for the completion of a degree.

Attempted Hours Completion Percentage Required
at 23 50%
at 55 58%
at 89 67%
90 + 67%

Each credit hour completed has a percentage minimum completion rate, beginning at 50% and ending at a minimum of 67% for cumulative credits of 90 or greater.

Maximum Attempted Hours

Baccalaureate Degree 192 (128 hour degree) 180 (120 hour degree) Associate Degree 96 Master's Degree 54 (MEd) 72 (MA)