1. To initiate the appeals procedure, the student must talk with the course instructor for explanation/review of the decision within three (3) University days of the occurrence. (University days are defined as time during the fall, spring or summer semester that the academic program is in session from registration through final exams).
  2. If the problem is not resolved within two (2) University days of talking with the course instructor, the student must obtain an Academic Appeals Review Form from the course instructor's department chair. Within two (2) University days, the student must submit the form with a written summary and talk to the instructor's department chair. The chair has two (2) University days to respond to the student. This completes STEP I on the Academic Appeals Review Form.
  3. If the problem is not resolved, the student has two (2) University days from receipt of the chair's decision to contact the Vice President for Academic Administration, providing the written summary of the complaint and the academic appeals review form. Within two (2) University days the Vice President for Academic Administration will provide a written decision. This completes STEP II on the Academic Appeals Review Form.