Freshman Awards

A freshman student may qualify for one award from this category. To receive this award, a student must be enrolled for 12 or more credit hours each semester. Scholarships are disbursed over two semesters in an academic year.


Southwestern Award of Excellence $8,000 Trustee $7,000 Presidential $6,000 Academic Dean $4,000 Achievement $3,000, Admission $2,000

These awards include $1,000 credited to tuition costs if the student lives in the residence hall. These awards are determined through a combination of the senior mid-year high school cumulative GPA + SAT/ACT scores.

The GPA is multiplied by 12.5. The ACT is multiplied by 1.4 or the SAT (combined Math and ERW scores) is divided by 35.5. The sum of the GPA and test calculation give a score that determines the award: Southwestern Award of Excellence 91-100; Trustee Award 85-90; Presidential Award 80-84; Academic Dean Award 70-79; Achievement Award 60-69.

Students can receive a renewal scholarship for three years provided they meet these criteria. Students must have at least one semester during consecutive fall and spring semesters with the following GPA's:

  1. 3.5 or greater for the Southwestern Award of Excellence; Trustee Award
  2. 3.25 or greater for the Presidential Award
  3. 3.0 or greater for the Academic Dean Award
  4. 2.5 or greater for the Achievement Award
  5. 2.0 or greater for the Admission Award

Students increase their renewal scholarship up to the Presidential Award level by improving their GPA. The scholarship increases to the next higher scholarship level when the student:

  1. Reaches the minimum GPA requirement of a higher scholarship during consecutive fall and spring semesters in a single academic year, and
  2. Completes 12 or more hours of course work each of these two semesters.

Likewise, if a student has consecutive fall and spring semesters in an academic year below the expected minimum, the student will drop to the next lower scholarship.

Students who begin attending Southwestern in their first year of college but do not earn a scholarship for their freshman year, have a second chance for a scholarship based on their college GPA following the guidelines stated above.

A break in residency to attend another college or university may affect the renewal of these scholarships.