ENGL 121 : Freshman Composition

This course focuses on individual writing processes, the production of quality expository and argumentative prose for a variety of purposes and audiences, and the introduction of information literacy skills. The course also emphasizes the development and use of critical thinking and reading skills essential for writing college-level papers. All students enrolled in ENGL 121 will complete a Writing Lab co-requisite, in which students will review and practice academic writing conventions. On-campus students must enroll in a corresponding Writing Lab (ENGL 121L), with the same instructor, while online students will complete the lab work within their online course. 


Minimum SAT Critical Reading score of 480, a minimum ACT English score of 17, a minimum grade of C- in ENGL 041, or a score of 80 on the Michigan Test of Language Proficiency.





Semester Offered

Fall, Spring