BUAD 281 : Project Planning

Any successful project starts with a plan. This course focuses on providing students a deep understanding of the rudiments of project planning: scope (What will the project produce / what are the requirements?), time (What’s the schedule?), cost (What’s the budget?), resources (What/who do we have available?), risk (What are the potential impacts/consequences?), and quality (To what standard is the project measured against or will achieve?).

These elements are interconnected and together provide the performance targets and principles of a project. Since projects are a series of tradeoffs between scope, cost, and time, project managers need to understand how to balance them in order to create a plan which is realistic and achievable. Students will also learn how to leverage resources, and how managing risk, quality, and stakeholder expectations are critical to the definition of project success. Other interdependent project variables such as communications and business change will be explored. 

Offered most semesters via Rize Consortium


or concurrent