B.A. Religion

The Religion Department provides a Christ-centered and Bible-based religious education that is in line with the global mission and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Emphasis is placed in such areas as biblical understanding, personal application, and service to the church. Classes in this major are typically small, which provides ample time for interaction between professor and student. The program also offers the opportunity to add other areas (minors) that best fit the academic and professional goals of the student.

Our students often double-major in a related field that will enable them to pursue graduate work and employment in various field of studies. Many of our graduates are accepted in the SDA Theological Seminary or enter other graduate programs like chaplaincy, counseling, or teaching. Some are hired as Bible teachers in various Adventist educational institutions or dorm deans in Adventist academies. They also become qualified to work as missionaries, colporteur directors, or religion editors in publishing companies.

The department welcomes persons who sense a call to full-time ministry, and who are moved to offer their lives in this avenue to God and humanity. The faculty assists applicants who wish to evaluate and deepen their experience as well as to explore the expanding opportunities for service. The department will not recommend to the ministry any student who has not completed the course of study as outlined or who has a GPA that is less than 2.5, which is the minimum requirement for entrance to the SDA Theological Seminary. It is the student's personal responsibility to plan a course of study that includes all requirements for the degree sought.

Completion of the major in Theology meets the guidelines stipulated by the Adventist Church and the minimal requirements for admission to the Seminary and entrance into the ministry.

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A minor is required for this degree.

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