The University recognizes certain examinations as a demonstration of proficiency for challenging, validating, or waiving classes. An enrolled student wishing to take an examination must apply. Application forms for challenge, validation, and waiver examinations are available on the Records website. Fees for these examinations are listed under Other Expenses in the Finances section of the Bulletin. Proficiency examinations, if completed successfully, will result in credit recorded on the academic transcript.

General Examination Guidelines

  1. A student must have approval for an examination on file with the Registrar before an examination may be recorded on the transcript or degree audit.
  2. Credit for a challenge examination may be earned only if a student has not already earned credit in a similar course, taken advanced courses in the area, or withdrawn from the course.
  3. Examinations may not be retaken.
  4. Examinations may not be used to repeat a course which has been audited or taken for credit.
  5. Grades are recorded for University-prepared challenge examinations and scaled scores are recorded for AP and CLEP examinations.
  6. CLEP examinations, with the exception of foreign languages, must be taken during the first year of residency.
  7. All proficiency examinations must be completed prior to the final two semesters of residence.