Payment Plans

Southwestern offers two payment plans for fall and spring semesters to help students manage their university expenses. Classes taken during the summer require full payment at the time of registration for each module.

Plan I - Cash

Full payment of semester charges that are not covered by student aid.

Plan II - Three-payment Institutional Education Loan (0% interest)

Under this plan, students are required to pay 50% of the semester charges at registration. Financial aid can be applied to the 50% payment. The remaining balance will be a zero percent interest loan divided equally over three payments due the 10th of each month, as follows:

Fall Semester

  • At Registration   Registration payment, minimum of 50% of semester charges
  • October 10         First payment
  • November 10     Second payment
  • December 10     Final payment - balance owed on account

Spring Semester

  • At Registration   Registration payment, minimum of 50% of semester charges
  • February 10       First payment
  • March 10           Second payment
  • April 10              Final payment - balance owed on account

Any additional charges the student incurs during the semester will become a part of the institutional loan for payment plan II. These additional charges will be added to the next payment due. All institutional loans are to be paid in full by the end of the semester.

The University is advancing value to students in the form of educational services and a student’s right to register is expressly conditioned upon the student’s agreement to pay the costs of tuition and fees and any additional costs when those charges become due. Regardless of the student’s eligibility for financial aid, the student is personally responsible for the full amount assessed as a result of the student’s registration. In addition, failure to pay the costs of tuition and fees will result in a financial hold on the student’s record which will prevent the release of the student’s academic transcript and diploma. The University may refer any past due account for collection and may authorize legal action against the student for the collection of this debt. The student is liable for all reasonable collection costs, including attorney fees, court costs, and other charges necessary for the collection of a past due account.

Methods of Payment

Online -- Current students may pay online with a credit or debit card through their student portal.

Phone call -- Payments may be made to a credit or debit card by calling the cashier at 817-202-6299.

In-person -- Payments may be made by cash, check, or debit/credit card at the Cashier's Office on campus.

Mail -- Check or money orders may be sent to Student Financial Services.

Wire Transfer -- See instructions at