MATH 180 : Precalculus

A review of basic properties of functions including their domain, range, graphs, and relationship to their inverse functions with an emphasis on exponential and logarithmic functions and their applications. An introduction to trigonometry including basic definitions of the trigonometric functions and their properties, identities, and specific trigonometric formulae such as addition and subtraction, double-angle, and half-angle. Applications to triangles are covered utilizing the laws of sines and cosines. Other topics such as polar coordinates and conic sections are presented. This course includes an introduction to sequences, series, limits, and aspects of calculus.


ALEKS Placement Test Score of 61-75,  or a high school Algebra II course with a grade of at least a B along with an SAT mathematics score of at least 530 or an ACT mathematics score of at least 21, or MATH 110 with a grade of C- or higher, or permission of the department.





Semester Offered