In certain unusual circumstances that jeopardize a student's academic progress, a catalog-listed course may be offered on an independent basis. An independent class consists of course work done outside the classroom under faculty supervision. Regular meetings will be held with the instructor. SWAUonline course work and conferences may be used if available and appropriate. Consequently, a course fee for private instruction will be charged in addition to tuition for the course. Generally, an independent class will be offered only if there are irreconcilable class schedule conflicts for juniors and seniors with graduation contracts and alternatives like a class substitution and/ or waiver is not possible. An independent class may only be used to repeat a course with approval from the Records Office. The faculty advisor submits a request on behalf of the student to the instructor of the course and his or her department chair. A form for this purpose is available on the University's website. The course fee is listed in the finance section of this Bulletin.