Grading, Recording & Qualifying Policies

Grade Point Average 

Two grade point averages are maintained by the University: (1) a semester average based on courses taken during a particular term, and (2) a cumulative average based on all college level work recorded on the transcript.
A student's grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the number of grade points by the number of credit hours attempted.

Grade Reports

Mid-term and final grade reports are available to students and advisors through the student portal. Students should check their grade reports carefully. If a student believes any part of the report is incorrect, the corrections must be made within 3 months, unless subject to the Academic Appeals Procedure. Only the end-of-semester grades are recorded on the permanent record.

Grading System

Grade Symbol Grade Points
A 4.0
A– 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B– 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C– 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
D– 0.7
F 0.0




(Failure due to attendance)

P Pass (represents grade of C or better)
NP No Pass
I Incomplete
W Withdraw
WA Withdrawn attendance
AU Audit
IP In Progress
NC No Credit
NR Not reported by instructor
CR Credit by examination (represents grade of C or better)