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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Certification Program

A. Academic Foundations

Required for EC-GR6. (GR8-12, All Level PE or Music K-12 should meet general education requirements on page 60.)

General Education Curricula Minimum Requirements*

English 9
ENGL121  Freshman Composition 3
ENGL 220 Research Writing 3
ENGL 231 American Literature I or  
ENGL 232 American Literature II 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences 12
HIST 111 American History 3
HIST 112 American History 3
HIST 242 Historical and Political Geography 3
POLS 211 Texas & National Constitutions 3
Math/Natural and Computer Science 14
MATH 131  Applied Math and any other College level Math (100 or above) 6
  Two classes of lab Science 8
  One semester of life science and one semester of physical science is required.  
CSIS          Computer Science competency will be done in EDUC 350 3
Health and Physical Education 4
UNIV 111  Wellness for Life 2
  P.E. Activity Electives 2
Religion** 12
RELT 101 Christian Beliefs 3
RELT 201 Bible Study Methods 3
RELH 230 History of the SDA Church 3
                  Upper division.  Old Testament, New Testament, or other Bible content class 3
  Total: 51

* Students who qualify for honors classes may substitute where appropriate.

** These specific classes are required for SDA certification only. For those seeking only state certification, it is strongly recommended that students enroll for a minimum of one course each school year. Applied religion is not to exceed 3 credits; 3 of the religion credits must be upper division. Transfer students from non-SDA schools must have 3 hours of religion credit per 30 credits taken in residence at Southwestern, with a minimum of 6 hours. Religion classes taken prior to enrollment at Southwestern will be considered for transfer, at least 3 hours must be from an SDA school, and non-SDA religion classes taken after enrolling at SWAU will not be transferred.

B. Professional Development

Required for Elementary Education Majors and for Secondary Education Certification

EDUC 254+ Intro to the Teaching Profession 3
EDUC 312 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 326 Exceptional Children 3
EDUC 350 Educational Technology 3
EDUC 385 Philosophy of Education 3
EDUC 418 Legal Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 434 Classroom Assessment 3
EDUC 436 Classroom Management 3
EDUC 475, 485  Directed Teaching 6
EDUC 496 TExES Prep #2 - Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility EC-12 0
PSYC 220 Human Growth and Development     3
  Total: 33

Secondary Education Certification also requires:

EDUC 322 Adolescent Psychology 3
EDUC 450 Teaching in the Secondary School 3

+ not required for Physical Education majors.


C. Academic Specialization (Click for more info)

Information not shown.


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