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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Dismissal from the EPP

It is never anticipated that a student will be asked to leave the education program.  There are several levels of support provided for students in order to assist them through the process of teacher certification.  Please seek assistance from these resources when necessary.  it is much easier to deal proactively with a potential situation than to handle it re-actively.  Failure to adhere to the TEA Educators' code of Ethics is cause for immediate removal from the program with no appeals allowed.

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from the EPP, written notification is required.  it is also important to speak with the advisor for the student to be aware of potential implication of leaving the program.  If necessary, a student may be placed on a growth plan, targeting areas of deficiencies, and support to address and remediate these deficiencies.

A committee will meet comprised of members familiar with the student's situation and construct a plan including goals and a specific timeline.  Failure to meet the goals in the growth plan will result in dismissal from the EPP.


Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Department Chair and the student's advisor.  If appealing an admission or dismissal decision, the request must be provided to the department no more than 5 days after decision is rendered.


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