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Nursing Policies

Continuation and Progression Policies

All nursing students must read and abide by the rules set forth in the SWAU Department of Nursing Handbook, and sign the Nursing Student Agreement.

1.  Nursing department curriculum is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).  In order to comply with any and all standards established by these bodies, nursing students are required to meet the curriculum and progression guidelines published in the most recent edition of the University Bulletin.

2.  The Department of Nursing reserves the right to require withdrawal of a nursing student from the program or a nursing course who fails to demonstrate competency or academic integrity and/or displays in appropriate/unprofessional/dishonest or unsafe behavior. Additional criteria for continuation in the program are consistent with the standards of the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON).

3.  Students must maintain a 3.0 in Nursing Courses.

4.  Students who receive a grade lower than an 80% or withdraw because they are failing in a required NURS nursing course cannot enroll in further nursing courses.

5.  Students who fail to complete a course, must reapply to the nursing program and pay an additional $500.00 readmission fee.  Readmission is not guaranteed and space for re-entering students may be limited. Students who are accepted back into SWAU will return under the current bulletin upon which they are being readmitted.

6. A new background and drug screen must be completed and approved before being readmitted.            

7. All NURS nursing courses are to be completed within a six-year time frame.

8. Students must complete all nursing courses at Southwestern Adventist University

9.  Students must successfully complete all components as outlined in the NURS 428 Syllabus.  NURS 428 Nursing Capstone requires a score of at least 75% on the comprehensive ATI examination for completion of the course.  Remediation through ATI will be required for all students who are unsuccessful in reaching a 75%.  The remediation will be an additional fee at the students' expense.

10. LVN and RN students must maintain current Texas unencumbered licensure through out their enrollment in the nursing program and submit a copy to the Nursing Department.

11.   RN and LVN students must complete nursing courses in the sequence specified in the full- time degree plan.

12.   After acceptance but before the first clinical course all students must submit to and pay for a criminal background check and drug screening as arranged by the Nursing Department and submit proof of immunization requirements in accordance to the Student Nursing Handbook.

13.   All nursing students must meet all the essential skills and functional abilities necessary for clinical practice as outlined in the SWAU Student Nursing Handbook.

14.  In order to support student success and to comply with Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) guidelines, nursing graduates are required to take the NCLEX within three months of program completion.  Graduates who fail to meet this deadline must complete an approved remediation program prior to taking the NCLEX.  Remediation costs are the responsibility of the graduate.

Termination Policy

The following situations or conditions will result in termination from the nursing program:

  1. Unsafe, unethical, or unprofessional nursing practice
  2. Nursing GPA less than 3.0
  3. Failure to abide by the SWAU Nursing Student Handbook
  4. Unresolved issues with the drug screen and background checks
  5. Unsuccessful completion of the nursing courses

Readmission Policy

Readmission is possible for nursing students who left the program in good standing, and according to the nursing progression criteria. Students who have been out of the program will return under the current bulletin at a point in the program specified by the Admissions Committee. All nursing courses must be completed within six years.  A new Background check and drug screen must be completed and approved before being readmitted.

Transportation Policies

Students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from off-campus clinical labs. Faculty will not provide transportation. Students are advised not to transport patients in their own vehicles under any circumstances. This policy protects both the student and the patient. Texas law requires proof of automobile liability insurance.

Nursing Department Grievance Policy (Click for more info)

Nursing students who wish to appeal an issue should refer to the Southwestern Adventist University's policy on Student Academic Appeals, and must follow this departmental procedure:

  1. The student should discuss his/her grievance with the instructor involved no later than 1-2 University days of the event/evaluation/ dismissal in an attempt to resolve the grievance.
  2. If a resolution has not been reached, the student should submit his/ her grievance in writing to the Department Chair within 1-2 University days following discussion with the instructor. The Chair has one University day to respond.
  3. If a resolution has not been reached, the student should submit his/her grievance in writing to the Nursing Faculty Committee within one University day following discussion with the Department Chair. The Nursing Faculty Committee has one University day to respond.
  4. If a resolution has not been reached, the student may contact the Vice President for Academic Administration within one University day following receipt of the Nursing Faculty Committee decision to continue the University process for Academic Appeals. This concludes STEP I of the University appeals process. All steps must be followed.

In compliance with the Texas State Board of Nursing's policy (TBON), completion of the nursing program does not guarantee eligibility for the registered nurse licensure examination. An individual who may be ineligible for licensure due to physical/emotional disabilities or past criminal convictions which are likely to affect professional practice and/ or behavior, should seek departmental/legal advising prior to enrolling in any professional nursing program in Texas.

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