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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

Nursing Admissions

Application Process

All Application materials must be submitted, to the Admissions Office, by August 15, application deadline. Late applications and incomplete files will not be considered.

  1. Apply Online to Southwestern Adventist University at
  2. Obtain three professional reference letters from teachers, employers, and/or church pastor, which attest to professional competence, scholastic ability, emotional stability, and physical health. Send completed forms to the Admissions Office.
  3. Send official transcripts from all schools attended (high school, colleges and/or universities) to the Southwestern Adventist University Office of Admissions.
  4. Complete and send in all health records: (physical and health record forms are available at
    1. Physician's Report of Physical Examination
    2. Proof of current immunizations or positive titer as required by the State of Texas (Tdap, MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Meningitis, Influenza)
    3. Current TB Test (negative PPD yearly or chest xray every three years)
    4. Current CPR for the Healthcare Provider
  5. Successfully complete at least 49 semester hours of pre-nursing requirements, including courses in progress.
  6. Pass the TEAS ATI Nursing Admission Assessment Exam at proficiency level 2.
  7. Complete an interview with a nursing advisor.


Admission Criteria

  1. Meet all admission requirements for enrollment at Southwestern Adventist University.
  2. Complete all the steps in the Nursing Application Process.
  3. Successfully complete the Nursing pre-requisite courses (36 credits):
    • BIOL 101, 102 Anatomy and Physiology I and II* (8 semester credits with lab)
    • BIOL 220 Microbiology* (4 semester credits with lab)
    • CHEM 105 Survey of Chemistry* (4 semester credits with lab)
    • ENGL 121 Freshman Composition (3 semester credits)
    • MATH 110 College Algebra* (3 semester credits) or University required math score of 500 on SAT or 21 on ACT
    • MATH 241 Intro to Probability and Statistics (3 semester credits)
    • PSYC 212 General Psychology* (3 semester credits)
    • PSYC 220 Human Growth and Development* (3 semester credits)
    • CSIS 102, CSIS 104 or CSIS 110 (3 semester credits)
    • ENGL 220 Research Writing (3 semester credits)
    • History Elective (6 semester credits)
    • Religion Elective (3 semester credits)
    • SOCI 111 Intro to Sociology (3 semester credits)
  4. Maintain a cumulative college GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  5. Applicants whose first language is not English must have a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL (Test of English; as a foreign Language) or 80th percentile on the University of Michigan English Language Institute Test.
  6. Pass the ATI Nursing Admission Exam.  For the TEAS assessment in reading, writing, math, and science, students must score at the "PROFICENT" level 2 or higher in each area.

*Completed within the last 7 years with a minimum grade of a C or better.

Student Selection

Admission to the Southwestern BS Nursing Program is granted after completion of the Application Process and on a space available basis.  Due to the high number of applicants, not all who meet the admission criteria can be accepted. Students are selected from the applicant pool based on the following priorities:

  1. Total GPA
  2. ATI TEAS Admission Exam scores
  3. Applicants who have taken all their academic courses at Southwestern Adventist University
  4. Seventh-Day Adventist Applicants who meet the admission criteria

After receipt of the letter of admission to the Nursing Program, applicants must complete additional requirements to confirm and retain their place in the class.

  1. Send to the Admissions Office within 30 days of the admission letter date:
    1. $500 Non-Refundable Nursing Deposit to reserve a place in the January class
    2. $50 Drug Testing fee. Testing will take place on an unannounced date at the beginning of the semester.
    3. Background Check as required by the Texas Board of Nursing.  Instructions will be provided with the letter of admission.
  2. Orientation:  All newly admitted nursing students are required to attend the nursing orientation prior to the beginning of the spring semester. Failure to attend will forfeit admission to the program.
  3. Uniforms are to be purchased from the designated provider.  Information will be provided during orientation regarding fitting and ordering.

Licensed Vocational Nurse Applicants (LVN-BS)

The licensed vocational nurse who wishes placement with advanced standing to earn a B.S. degree in nursing must:

  1. Currently hold an unencumbered license as a LVN/LPN.
  2. Have at least one year of work experience as a LVN/LPN in a hospital or long-term care facility within the last 4 years.
  3. Fulfill the admission criteria and prerequisites for the B.S. program. General education, science, and cognate requirements are met through transfer of credit or completion of courses in residence. Credits for NURS 211 and NURS 315 (clinical portion) may be awarded as credit by exam or by transfer of LVN course work.

Bachelor of Science Applicants/Transfer Students

The student seeking a B.S. degree in nursing transferring from another institution must follow the application process outlined for the nursing program and submit a letter of good standing from previous nursing program.  If accepted, the student will enter the B.S. degree plan at the place determined by the Nursing Department and registrar's office.


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