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Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 PDF

General University Courses

UNIV 011 - University Strategies

1 hour

A review of strategies necessary to have a successful university experience. Required of all students on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension. Students may not withdraw from this course, and it does not apply towards graduation requirements. Pass/no pass course.

UNIV 111 - Wellness for Life

2 hours

A study of wellness using the CREATION Health model. The course takes a whole-person approach to living healthy and will cover information related to healthy choices, rest, healthy environment, physical activity, trust, interpersonal relationships, outlook, and nutrition.  (Fall, Spring)

UNIV 201 - Research in an Academic Discipline

1 hour

This course is an introduction to the types and purposes of research within an academic discipline. Emphasis will be on library research and sources, including the nature of sources, their correct use, scholarly writing principles within a specific academic discipline, discipline-specific documentation rules, and critical thinking problems. Students will begin the process of senior portfolio development. (Academic Departments may designate a particular class to fulfill this requirement.)


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