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Undergraduate Bulletin 2014-2015 PDF

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Southwestern Adventist University's Quality Enhancement Plan, "Improving Research Skills and Writing through Information Literacy," brings together four aspects of education -- research, writing, critical thinking, and information technology --and integrates these aspects into the curriculum through a matrix of classes delivered through the general education curriculum and by the specific academic departments. Each student must complete these requirements in order to graduate.

QEP Curriculum Four-Year Matrix


  • UNIV 110 Principles of Active Learning
  • ENGL 121 Freshman Composition
  • CSIS 102 Microcomputer Literacy and Applications


  • ENGL 220 Research and Professional Writing
  • UNIV 201 Research in the Academic Discipline (Academic Departments may designate a particular class to fulfill this requirement.)


Two upper-division classes within the student's major designated as fulfilling the requirements of the QEP (Writing, Research, Technology, and Critical Thinking). This requirement may be fulfilled by one upper-division class and the Capstone class if the academic department has a separate class for the completion of the portfolio.

A Capstone Class designated by the student's major academic department.



The requirement for the portfolio will be set by the QEP committee and the academic departments. The portfolio will be completed in either the Capstone class or a specially designated portfolio class.


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