A 3-Way Scholarship allows a student's family, church or a concerned person, and Southwestern Adventist University scholarship funds to assist with payment of the Southwestern student account. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a commitment from two different sources. Students with special donor billing conditions must submit information to student accounts by the second week of classes, to provide ample time for timely receipt of funds. Thus, contributions of $500 each from two different sources may be matched by $500 from the university. While $500 is the maximum award, smaller 3-Way donations can also be matched.

It is important to note that application for these funds does not mean automatic approval of the Southwestern matching portion. This match is put on the student's account after the student's final payday each semester, and is subject to the following criteria: a) application and acceptance for federal/state grants and loans, b) unmet need by the federal aid calculation, and c) unmet expenses after all other aid and student earnings. A student who has a private residence hall room has excessive miscellaneous charges such as fines, or receives educational allowance, is not eligible to receive a 3-Way Scholarship match. To receive the Southwestern match, all contributions must be received by December 1 for fall semester and April 1 for spring semester.